The challenges of Embedded Systems

The challenges of Embedded Systems

/ Olivier Dugas

I gave a seminar in French at Laval University, which will give rise to a 2 days course that I will start giving in Montreal in 2016. This post offers a download link.

During this seminar, I discussed with the attendees about:

  1. Embedded Systems
    • The different kinds of embedded systems
    • The differences and constraints they each bring
    • A comparison with regular software development
  2. Continuous delivery applied to Embedded
    • Source Code Management
    • Version Management
    • Continuous Integration
    • TDD with embedded
    • Test automation particularities in embedded systems
    • Compilation modes and IDEs
    • Scripting in the embedded world
    • Automated deployment vs Continuous deployment
    • Image generation tools
  3. Yocto Project
    • A description of the Yocto Project
    • How it works
    • How to use it
    • How to not use it
    • How to automate it

I know, it's not in english. Well... I won't translate it, I'll just make it better someday! Enjoy this in the meantime!

Download the poster