Building Sustainable Solutions:
The IoT Practical Guide

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is set of technologies that allow physical devices to collect and share data with each other, with operators and with broader systems or applications running locally or remotely.

IoT devices can range from smart home appliances and wearable technologies to industrial machinery and autonomous vehicles.

IoT has the potential to transform various industries by enabling new applications, improving efficiency, and enhancing productivity. However, IoT also poses significant challenges across its main pillars: connectivity, cloud, security, and edge compute.

In this series of articles posts, we are exploring each of these pillars in detail and discussing the benefits and opportunities for three important domains: agriculture, mining, and energy.

We are also examining the main challenges IoT encounters in these industries, as well as the current and future trends.

By the end of this series, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the IoT landscape and its implications for these key sectors.

Choosing Connectivity Technology

Connectivity is key in IoT projects, aiming to gather data from machines, assets, and more. Choosing the right tech involves factors like coverage, bandwidth, and security. This article explores IoT connectivity options, use cases, and challenges in industries like agriculture, mining, and energy.

Leveraging Cloud Computing for IoT

IoT projects face challenges with data and device scalability. IoT Cloud Platforms offer end-to-end solutions by providing features like connectivity, data management, security, and application development. They aim to simplify IoT application development, reduce infrastructure costs, and accelerate deployment. This article explores IoT Cloud Platforms in agriculture, mining, and energy applications.


Integrating Security into your IoT Solutions

Deploying IoT solutions poses significant security challenges, exposing many devices, data, and systems to various cyber threats and attacks. In this article, we will explore IoT projects’ risks with a lens on agriculture, mining and energy industries and expose the best practices and tradeoffs necessary to secure IoT solutions.

Bringing AI Workloads to the Edge with IoT

AI enhances IoT devices, but challenges include computing resources and data reliability. Edge computing processes data near its source, addressing cloud limitations for AI implementation. This article explores AI at the edge for agriculture, mining, and energy sectors.


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