Comparing Yocto and Buildroot for Embedded Linux Development

Embedded Linux is gaining traction as a favored choice for fueling Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other embedded systems. The selection of appropriate tools for constructing your bespoke Linux distribution can significantly influence the pace, dependability, and effectiveness of development. In this informative video, Axceta software engineer Alexi Demers contrasts two prevalent choices – […]

Exploring the Emergence of IoT in the Mining Sector

*Article in collaboration with the MISA Group*   In recent years, the mining industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by technological advancements aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and safety. One innovation gaining importance in the mining sector is the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data, offering […]

How IoT enables bringing AI workloads to the edge, adding the smarts to agriculture, mining, and energy

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, such as computers, robots, or software, that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as perception, reasoning, learning, decision-making, or natural language processing. AI can help enhance the capabilities and functionalities of IoT devices and create more intelligent, efficient, and […]

Unleashing Farmers: Connected Farm Controllers Enable a Smarter and Sustainable Future in Livestock Farming

Agco Corporation, a global leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing agricultural equipment, delivers farmer-focused solutions such as the Legacy Controllers from its Automated Production Systems division.  Sold initially as farming equipment controllers to manage climate control, feeding systems, biosecurity, and other farm equipment, the Legacy Controllers first required manual intervention to adjust their parameters. Although […]

Top IoT Trends for 2024: Transforming Agricultural Technology, Energy Sector, and Mining Industry

In partnership with our clients, we have delivered cutting-edge solutions in Agtech, Energy, and Mining in 2023. By embracing agile software development practices, we accelerated time-to-market and collaborated closely to identify and address risks related to IoT projects efficiently. At the core of our mission lies a strong commitment to fostering seamless connections among individuals, […]

Next-Generation Greenhouses: Is the Grass Really Greener?

How can the Internet of Things (IoT) help address sustainability challenges, and land and labor shortages and pave the way for food autonomy? Article by Sherif Zaroubi, CEO of Axceta Solutions From Canada’s chilling winds to Southeast Asia’s tropical zones, greenhouses are making a mark. Canada exemplifies this trend perfectly. With greenhouse produce sales escalating […]

Supercharging Sustainable Agriculture with AgTech: Cultivating Thriving Plants for a Greener Future

Tomato crops

Montreal, November 8, 2023 Axceta, a pivotal technology partner of Bayer Digital Farming Solutions’ CropScience division, consistently brings new ideas to fruition. This was exemplified by the roll-out of Plantect, a cutting-edge disease prediction Machine Learning model from Bayer CropScience for Greenhouse Vegetable crops that needed to be tested in new markets. Currently offered by […]


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