Connected Devices to Automate Mining Shaft Inspections Safely

Axceta and Point Laz initiate the development of the first project of the Vortex Pathway, aiming for Autonomous Mine Mission – 2030, an initiative of the MISA Group in Quebec.


Axceta, a company specializing in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and data visualization, and Point Laz, specializing in 3D scanning of mining shafts, both participating in the Vortex Pathway, announce today the launch of the development of one of the first projects to transform the mining industry within the framework of the Autonomous Mine Mission – 2030 objective, an initiative of the MISA Group.

The project aims to develop a solution that will automate the inspection of the integrity and safety of mining shafts. Current legislation requires a weekly examination of mines. Inspections are done manually by visual inspection and require a complete shutdown of mine operations for eight hours.

The solution proposed by Point Laz and Axceta will allow automated inspection in less than an hour using sensors and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technologies. The solution includes information extraction, telecommunications, data presentation and visualization, and will also offer remote archiving and data consultation.

« Not only will the automation of inspections make it possible to detect potential problems earlier and more easily and maintain a digital history, but it will also allow maintenance teams to monitor the condition of the shafts without exposing them to danger, » according to Alexandre Grenier, CEO of Point Laz.

« We are eager to apply our expertise in connected objects to autonomous mine projects. The solution that can be deployed on multiple sites will enable remote monitoring of mine safety and facilitate the maintenance of connected equipment on the data platform. Operating costs will also be significantly reduced, with up to an 800% reduction in the time required for inspections, » according to Francis Latulippe, CTO of Axceta.

« The MISA Group is proud that its Vortex Pathway has supported Point LAZ in the ideation and iteration of its innovation to arrive at its IoT project. This innovation could mark the beginning of a new era in mining. Congratulations to Alexandre Grenier and Francis Latulippe for the start of a great collaboration! » Alain Beauséjour, General Manager, MISA Group

About Axceta

Axceta Solutions is a Canadian company offering consulting services in information technology and connected object development. Among other services, Axceta assists energy companies in developing their smart energy management networks, designs sensors for major agricultural players, and helps automotive equipment manufacturers connect their vehicles. Axceta’s team comprises connectivity, cloud services, embedded software, and data visualization, experts.

About Point Laz

Point Laz is a Quebec company that has made it its mission to optimize one of the most critical processes of an underground mine, namely the extraction of ore from a mining shaft. As such, this company has specialized in 3D scanning of mining shafts by developing and perfecting a series of unique solutions that reduce downtime, increase miner safety, and improve productivity in mines.

About the MISA Group

The Mining Excellence Pole, MISA Group (Mines, Innovations, Solutions, Applications), is a network of mining innovation experts created in 2005. Its mission is to accelerate, on a business basis, the advancement of innovative equipment and services to ensure the sustainability and maximization of the mining industry’s benefits.

Its service offering is developed around three axes: networking and outreach, support for collaborative projects, and support for mining innovation. The MISA Group acquired the « ACCORD excellence pole » status in the spring of 2020, thus confirming the deployment of its expertise in mining innovation.

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