Connected digital mineralogical analysis on-site laboratories for faster decisions mining exploration and production

Axceta and LithologIQ announce their collaboration in developing an IoT connected device in the Vortex Pathway, aimed at Mission Mine Autonome – 2030, an initiative of the MISA Group in Quebec.

Montreal and Quebec, November 21, 2023

Axceta, a company specializing in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and data visualization, and LithologIQ, specializing in on-site digital mineralogical analysis tools, both participants in the Vortex Journey, announce today, as part of the Quebec Mines+Énergie conference, their collaboration in an innovative project to transform the mining industry as part of the Mission Mine Autonome – 2030 goal, an initiative of the MISA Group.

LithologIQ deploys digital tools that enable the mining industry to increase mineralogical knowledge rapidly, accurately, and economically. It also supports geologists in their daily decision-making, significantly impacting costs, operations, and environmental issues.

The project involves developing a drill core scanner toanalyze mineralogy at the exploration site and make it available through a cloud-based platform. Indeed, for over two years, a hyperspectral mineralogical analysis laboratory has been in operation, demonstrating the capabilities of this disruptive technology by carrying out various projects in academic-industrial partnership.

“The collaboration with Axceta is part of creating a mobile and connected commercial version of an analysis laboratory. Axceta’s expertise in IoT connectivity is a major asset for LithologIQ, bringing the best information technologies to implement to design a sustainable and scalable solution, adapted to the demands of the mining industry in full digital transition,” according to Simon Lessard, CEO of LithologIQ.

“At a time when the mining industry is undergoing a digital shift, the rapid drill core analysis solution developed by LithologIQ offers geologists a unique opportunity to obtain almost instant computerized data crucial to decision-making throughout the mining exploration and operation process. This significant advancement will optimize operations, thereby enhancing the efficiency and profitability of the industry while meeting the sector’s growing needs,” according to Francis Latulippe, CTO of Axceta.

“The Vortex Pathway of Group MISA now demonstrates its impact for the industry. The connected solution from LithologIQ represents a significant advancement for mineral exploration by using cutting-edge technologies. This advancement will gradually have an impact throughout the mineral development process. The collaboration between LithologiQ and Axceta on this automated mineralogical analysis solution demonstrates the importance of mobilizing IT experts to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies.” Alain Beauséjour, General Director of Group MISA.

About Axceta 

Axceta Solutions is a Canadian company offering consulting services in information technology and connected object development. Among other services, Axceta assists energy companies in developing their smart energy management networks, designs sensors for major agricultural players, and helps automotive equipment manufacturers connect their vehicles. Axceta’s team comprises connectivity, cloud services, embedded software, and data visualization, experts.

About LithologIQ

LithologIQ is a pioneer in creating a rapid analysis solution that integrates the latest sensor technologies and algorithms to enhance geoscientific knowledge in the fields of exploration and mining. Committed to sustainable practices, LithologIQ’s solution accelerates discoveries and reduces costs by implementing on-site mineral analysis services as a productivity tool for geologists. By supporting the industry in making quick decisions based on scientifically sound data, the company contributes to the responsible, efficient, and workforce-challenge-adapted accessibility of resources.

About the MISA Group 

The Mining Center of Excellence, Groupe MISA (Mines, Innovations, Solutions, Applications), was founded in 2005 as a network of experts in mining innovation. Since its inception, its mission has been to accelerate the development of innovative equipment and services, thereby contributing to the sustainability and maximization of the mining industry’s benefits. Groupe MISA offers a comprehensive range of services centered around five pillars: the MARTINI method for supporting mining innovation, the Autonomous Mine, the Vortex Journey, and Expert Networks. Its core business is the operational management of technological innovation. As an ACCORD center of excellence since spring 2020, Groupe MISA consolidates its status as an expert in mining innovation, extending its influence throughout Quebec.


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