Leveraging our deep technical expertise, we assist R&D teams in accelerating product development and reducing their time to market.


Optimize, Enhance, Augment: We integrate systems that transform your business operations, making them more efficient and productive.

Business Understanding: With a rich background in Agriculture, Mining, and Energy, we deliver services and IoT solutions that resonate with your industry’s unique challenges.

Digital Strategy: Our overarching digital strategy ensures your business stays ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Analysis: We kickstart our partnership with an in-depth analysis to align IoT solutions and technology with your business goals


Use Case Ideation: We brainstorm with you to determine the most impactful use cases for your business.

Architectural Excellence: Our robust architecture designs enable rapid market access and provide the adaptability and scalability needed for the future.

Rapid Prototyping: We bring ideas to life with prototypes that demonstrate the potential of IoT for your business.


Integration Mastery: Drawing from our extensive experience, we understand the 4 fundamental pillars of IoT solutions: Connectivity, IoT Cloud platforms, Security, and data valorization.

Platform Flexibility: From AWS to Azure to our own flexible IoT reference design, we provide solutions that adapt to your needs without locking you in.

Collaborative Development: We work alongside your team, building up your project with industry best practices from hardware to cloud.


Control and Scale: We empower you to take charge of your IoT solutions, ensuring they scale and adapt to your operational needs.

Operational Excellence: Our commitment is to augment your operations, making them smarter and more efficient.

At Axceta, we go beyond system design and integration. We also focus on innovation, product design, and development.

Exemples of issues we love to solve

Practical IoT


Grow Yield and Increase


Take Energy Management
to the Next Level


Optimize Mining