The US and Canada share objectives to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 50% below 2005 levels by 2030, driving a substantial shift towards cleaner energy sources and decarbonization.

IoT-enabled energy management is vital in promoting a transition to clean energy, electrification of transportation, and implementation of energy efficiency programs. With its capability of managing and optimizing energy consumption, IoT-enabled energy management is becoming crucial in achieving sustainable energy goals.

Take Energy Management to the Next Level

Energy management encompasses diverse cutting-edge applications such as sensors, devices, load balancing, artificial intelligence, and virtual power grids.
Axceta boasts extensive expertise in aiding utilities, EV operators and intelligent equipment manufacturers that lead the clean energy transition.

Axceta can help handle significant challenges like demand management, EV fleet energy infrastructure optimization and energy efficiency improvement.

Axceta’s proficiency in embedded technology and highly specialized skills in IoT, cloud, and connected objects offer the agility and flexibility that large energy projects often lack.
The company’s expertise in hardware design, connectivity, cloud-based software development, and data ingestion allows it to deliver advanced solutions for every project component effectively.
With Axceta’s experience, you can gain confidence through data-driven decisions.


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Take Energy Management
to the Next Level


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