The mining sector accounts for 7.5% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product. In 2018, Canada ushered in a new era of connectivity by successfully demonstrating underground LTE communication, revolutionizing how mining operations will advance in safety, productivity, and environmental performance.

Mining operations progressively implement IoT devices to improve connectivity, collect relevant data, and monitor equipment. This move aims to facilitate the efficient use of resources and avert accidents and equipment breakdowns.


Intelligent mines provide the necessary minerals and metals to cater to our ever-changing economy. The contemporary mine leverages advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Big Data, to ensure digital connectivity and optimize operations.

Axceta’s participation in the Vortex Pathway, an innovation program for the development of autonomous mining, helps mining equipment manufacturers develop solutions in areas such as automation and digitization, precision mining, water management and tailings management.
With its expertise in the Internet of Things, connectivity and data visualization, Axceta plays a significant role in developing mining solutions leveraging connected mining equipment.
With Axceta’s experience, you can gain confidence through data-driven decisions.


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