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Supercharging Sustainable Agriculture with AgTech: Cultivating Thriving Plants for a Greener Future

Montreal, November 8, 2023

Axceta, a pivotal technology partner of Bayer Digital Farming Solutions’ CropScience division, consistently brings new ideas to fruition. This was exemplified by the roll-out of Plantect, a cutting-edge disease prediction Machine Learning model from Bayer CropScience for Greenhouse Vegetable crops that needed to be tested in new markets.

Currently offered by Bayer in Japan, leveraging historical and environmental data, the model exhibits remarkable foresight in predicting forthcoming fungal outbreaks. Moreover, it demonstrates the ability to provide timely recommendations for the most optimal treatment strategies so that farmers would spray less and at the right time. 

Bayer CropScience and Axceta share a vision for a future where the synergy between connected objects and ArtificiaI Intelligence not only simplifies the lives of farmers but also mitigates the environmental impact associated with cultivating high-quality products.

As part of the Plantect project, Axceta focused on implementing a proof of concept specifically tailored for Spain and Mexico. Leveraging their expertise in IoT and connected devices, Axceta meticulously handpicked and seamlessly integrated sensors into a highly secure cloud communication framework. This framework enables the seamless acquisition and transfer of data to the ML model, allowing for efficient and accurate predictability. In Spain, the pilot was deployed in Q1 2023, confirming high accuracy in predicting Powdery Mildew outbreaks on tomato crops. The pilot will be deployed in December 2023 in Mexico to validate Botrytis prediction accuracy.

“Participating in projects that prioritize environmentally conscious practices while also benefiting farmers is truly rewarding. It ensures that farmers are no longer forced to make a trade-off between crop yield and sustainable practices”, said Sherif Zaroubi, CEO of Axceta.

About Axceta

Axceta is recognized for its expertise in project management for the development and implementation of technological and IoT solutions tailored to the agricultural sector. Offering advanced expertise in IoT and data visualization, they enable developers and producers to deploy solutions for capturing, visualizing, and processing data, optimizing production performance, and reducing input consumption by integrating data intelligence into agricultural tools and equipment. They support organizations of all sizes and sectors, including agriculture, in the implementation of innovative technological solutions. 

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