The Agtech Zone and Axceta are combining their efforts to propel innovative agricultural technologies

L’Assomption, October 25, 2023 – The Agtech Zone, an innovation ecosystem dedicated to technological agriculture and plant bioproducts in Quebec, is pleased to announce a partnership with Axceta, a leader in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and data visualization. This strategic collaboration aims to bolster the efforts of the Agtech Zone in promoting companies that are developing digital innovations for the agricultural sector and supporting their integration to adapt farmers to new practices.

Thanks to this collaboration, about ten companies supported by the Agtech Zone will benefit from the expertise of Axceta to accelerate the development and implementation of solutions for data capture, visualization, and processing. These solutions will optimize production performance and reduce the consumption of inputs by integrating data intelligence into agricultural tools and equipment.

“This partnership with Axceta represents a major step forward for the Agtech Zone, marking our shift towards providing local top-tier expertise to developing companies within our ecosystem. Aspiring to become a global reference in agtech and bioproducts, we recognize the importance of partnerships with internationally recognized players to stimulate innovation and technological development. Axceta’s experience alongside global agricultural sector leaders attests to its potential benefit to local businesses. We are confident that this collaboration will strengthen our position as an excellence zone for technological agriculture, enhancing our ability to support businesses in their quest for innovation and growth in Quebec.” – Marilou Cyr, General Manager of the Agtech Zone.

“We are pleased with the trust that the Agtech Zone has placed in us by allowing us to accompany the innovative companies of the Innov’Agtech program as experts in the Internet of Things and the development of connected solutions. We are eager to help them validate the feasibility of their project, reach the next stage of their growth, and thus, accelerate the development of Quebec innovation.” – François Roy, Chief of Operations, Axceta.

The first companies to benefit from Axceta’s support will be those dedicated to the development of innovative digital solutions participating in the 2023-2024 edition of the Innov’Agtech Program. Currently recruiting, companies interested in following this program are invited to submit their application by November 8. In addition to benefiting from Axceta’s support, the companies pursuing this path will benefit from training from renowned professors from the University of Quebec’s School of Management in Trois-Rivières, matchmaking sessions with Quebec buyers and financing organizations, and coaching sessions with successful agtech companies, agricultural sector leaders, plant bioproducts, and Quebec investors.

Axceta and the Agtech Zone look forward to closely collaborating to drive innovation in agriculture, promote the growth of agtech companies, and support the Quebec agricultural sector in its transition towards more sustainable and efficient practices.

About Axceta

Axceta is recognized for its expertise in project management for the development and implementation of technological and IoT solutions tailored to the agricultural sector. Offering advanced expertise in IoT and data visualization, they enable developers and producers to deploy solutions for capturing, visualizing, and processing data, optimizing production performance, and reducing input consumption by integrating data intelligence into agricultural tools and equipment. They support organizations of all sizes and sectors, including agriculture, in the implementation of innovative technological solutions. For more information:

About the Agtech Zone

The Agtech Zone is a visionary initiative whose mission is to gather, propel, and showcase companies in Agtech and plant bioproducts. Since its launch on February 6, 2020, the Agtech Zone, located in the MRC of L’Assomption, has emerged as a key player in promoting technological agriculture in Quebec. They offer a comprehensive array of resources, including access to financing, personalized support, a dynamic business network, international corridors, easy access to knowledge and talent, and soon, access to cutting-edge infrastructures to support agtech and plant bioproducts companies in their development. As part of its offerings, the Agtech Zone brings together the Agtech Community of Quebec, with 200 members and partners, and organizes 30 events, support programs, and activities every year. This dynamic community plays an essential role in promoting strong and sustainable food autonomy in the face of climate change challenges and labor shortages. For more information: Agtech Zone.

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